• Lightens skin tone by significantly reducing melasma and pigmentation
  • Powerful Antioxidant
  • Slows the skins aging process

  • Supports healthy liver function
  • Reduces inflammation

Why choose Glutanex drip over other gluta drips?

While most of the world’s Glutathione drips are plain API which is a raw ingredient in powder form. Nexus Pharma’s Glutanex INJ. is lyophilized or freeze dried which enhances the purity and potency.

what is Glutanex drip commonly used for?

A premium Gluta drip most commonly used for melanin suppression or to brighten the skin tone. But, considering it is a powerful antioxidant it can also slow the skins aging process and help detoxify the Liver.


Glutathione 600mg or 1200mg

10 Vials per box

IV / IM Injection

Prevention of nervous system symptoms due to cisplatin or other similar chemical treatment

Melanin suppression (skin tone brightening), Powerful antioxidant, Anti-aging

Sealed shaded containers, Store in room temperature (between 1 ~ 30 C )

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