Antioxidant Synergy.


The Master antioxidant essential for healthy skin.

Thioctic Acid

Reduces hyperpigmentation and sun damage.

Ascorbic Acid

Increases the brightening effects of Glutathione.

A powerful Melanin and Melasma suppressor that lightens and brightens the skins tone.

Ascorbic Acid amplifies Glutathione absorption in addition to increasing Glutathione levels by attacking Free radicals.

Extends and amplifies the Glutathione effects while also increasing the production of natural Glutathione.

product description

Glutathione 1200mg (Glutanex INJ.)

Vitamin C 10g (Asconex INJ.)

Thioctic Acid 300mg (Liponex-300)

IV Injection

10 ampoules per box

Whitening, Liver Function, Antioxidant

Sealed shaded containers, Store in room temperature (between 1~30℃)

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