Glutathione drips are commonly used to brighten and whiten the skin, reduce skin aging by supporting skin elasticity, as well as improve liver function.

A powerful Antioxidant, Thioctic Acid increases the natural glutathione production in the body. Furthermore, it firms the skin, in addition to increasing the metabolism and breaking down oxidized fats in the body.

Ascorbic Acid amplifies glutathione absorption, moreover, providing an anti-aging boost and boosting the immune system. Not to mention, it also increases Glutathione levels by attacking free radicals, and reducing the blood pressure in the body.

This 1200 mg drip is a powerful IV Glutathione most commonly used for melanin suppression and to brighten the skin tone. Futhermore, considering it is a powerful antioxidant, it can also slow the skins aging process

Frequently used for skin tone brightening, anti-aging and as an Antioxidant booster to boost the effects of Glutathione and Vitamin C during treatment. In addition, Thioctic Acid is also used to increase metabolism and break down oxidized fats

Used to treat Vitamin C deficiency especially when increased dosages are required. Asconex Injections also increase and amplify the absorption of Glutathione by attacking free radicals which boosts antiaging effects.

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