Traminex drip

A powerful skin whitening booster, Traminex Drip reduces the production of Melanin and is approved by South Korea’s MFDS.

Traminex benefits

  • This powerful drip can boost the effects of Glutathione, reduce epidermal pigmentation related to Melasma, and even lowers UV induced hyperpigmentation
  • It can be used individually or added to skin lightening drip sets as the ultimate skin lightening booster
  • Tranaxemic Acid is used to reduce blood clotting

product description

Tranexamic Acid 250mg

IV / IM Injection

10 ampoules per box

Assumed tendency of universal bleeding related to fibrinolysis (leukemia, aplastic anemia, purpura, caner and abnormal bleeding during/after operation)

Assumed abnormal bleeding related to topical fibrinolysis (pneumorrhagia, genital bleeding, renalbleeding, abnormal bleeding during/after prostate operation)

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