supports proper liver function

supports in skins elasticity

helps in reducing oxidative stress


  • Glutathione whitens the skin which reduces melasma and pigmentation
  • It can also protect cells from oxidative-induced cellular damage
  • Gluta-1 is a powerful antioxidant and MFDS approved
  • 1200mg Glutathion supports proper liver function in addition to reducing inflammation in the joints

Why choose gluta-1 drip over other glutathione drips?

Made of lyophilized (freeze dried) glutathione. which is an advanced process that enhances purity and potency, and also ensures they are synthesized for injection use.

what is gluta-1 drip commonly used for?

Most commonly used to brighten and whiten the skin, reduce skin aging by supporting skin elasticity, and improve liver function. 


Glutathione 1200mg

IV / IM Injection

10 Vials per box

Prevention of nervous system symptoms due to cisplatin or other simliar chemical treatment

Sealed shaded containers, Store in room temperature (between 1 – 30 C )

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