Accunex Ampoule

A professional acne solution, Accunex Ampoule’s powerful peptides nourish and repair the skin keeping it hydrated and healthy.


  • Powerful Skin Immunity and anti-microbial effects
  • High concentrations of 2 Peptides nourish the skin while 12 Growth Factors naturally repair damaged skin
  • Phyto-NEP peptides provide anti-inflammatory and anit-itchy relief from discomfort normally associated with Acne
  • EGF / aFGF Growth Factors are a main contributor to the wound healing and cell proliferation effects

product description

Skin Immunity and Anti-microbial Effect

Keeps Skin Healthy without Irritation

Wound Healing and Cell Proliferation Effect

Mannitol: Protein stabilizer

EGF / aFGF: Growth factor involved in rapid wound healing

IGF-1 Cell proliferation

hBD3H: Antimicrobial of acne skin

Flt-3L: Activate immune cells and promote multiple growth factors on skin

IP-10 / INF-y / TNF-a: Enhances immunity

hGH: Skin rejuvenation

Phyto-NEP: Anti-inflammatory, anti-itchy peptides involved in skin trouble

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