10.56 % Lidocaine cream

Fast numbing anesthetic cream from Nexus Pharma used by Dermatologists and clinics globally. 

comfortable | confidence

Nexcain uses

Nexcains 10.56% Lidocaine keeps you comfortable and pain free during your aesthetic journey and is perfect with the Snow White and Glutanex Drip sets to keep you comfortable during skin whitening treatments.  


Reduce wrinkles pain-free.

cosmetic tattoos

Microblading, no worries.

laser hair removal

Remove unwanted hair  without fear .

IV Drip therapy

Brighten your skin comfortably .

Looking to alleviate pain during your beauty journey?

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Local anesthesia of the application site

Apply 0.25-0.66g to the application site 5 to 15 minutes prior to the procedure for adults.

Sealed shaded containers, Store in room temperature (between 1~30℃)

36 months from date of manufacture